"Ice, Ice Baby..."

Here comes the big ice storm, or so KY3 says. Rachel's and Hannah's school has already been called off for tomorrow. But the local weather forecasts have been so humorously wrong the last couple winters, I have taken the attitude that I'll believe it when I see it... I took the truck out late this afternoon to get some dog food for Shaggy. Trying to make it up the hill to my house I started spinning/sliding with it in rear wheel drive. It sure was nice to be able to turn that little knob to 4WD and go right up the hill with no problem! God is good to me... On a related note, are we ever going to get a decent snow again in the Ozarks? My oldest daughter is coming up on six years old, and still hasn't seen a deep enough snow to build a snowman. Seems to me that "back in the day" a kid could always count on January for at least a couple good snows (see pic)... Truth be told, the whole world would be a better place if we all had a "snow day" now and then like we did when we were kids. I'd say that's kinda what the Good Lord had in mind with the whole Sabbath thing, but that's a post for another day.