Tooting My Own Horn

Here is an excerpt from my blog entry on January 4, just after the Iowa caucus. Not perfect, but not bad for an armchair pundit!...

"Obama, with the momentum from Iowa and Oprah by his side, runs away from the field, easily getting the Democratic nomination. The media hails him as the second coming of JFK. He makes a very safe VP selection. A moderate with a lot of experience, probably from the south... McCain pulls out an uninspired primary victory. There is a growing sense that whoever the Republicans offer will be a sacrificial lamb to Obama... Rumors abound of a McCain-Huckabee ticket, and even a McCain-Lieberman ticket, but he settles on a relatively obscure, socially conservative, Washington outsider as his VP. The general election pits McCain's experience and common sense against Obama's youthfulness and charisma. The contrast could not be greater. McCain's straight talk and heroic service in the armed forces make most Americans rather fond of him. Obama's lack of experience is exposed, as he makes incredibly naive statements regarding national security and diplomatic relations, which McCain seizes on. A significant portion of the public views him with suspicion because of his Islamic roots, and he receives low marks in the war on terror. Nevertheless, the drumbeat for change is loud, and Obama is a fresh face. His rock star persona is too much for McCain to overcome. 20 somethings vote in record numbers and sweep Obama to a convincing victory, 51%-43%."