Tonight's Debate

Well, tonight is the big debate. Palin needs to do a good job. She has been mediocre in her interviews. At her speech at the RNC, she basically challenged the credibility and relevance of the media, which is like saying "sic 'em" to a dog. (A very condescending and egotistical dog. Which I have a feeling most dogs are Republicans, except maybe for chihauhaus and poodles, but I digress.) And she has paid the price. Since the winners write history, I seriously doubt anyone will remember in a few years the almost laughable way the media abandoned all semblance of nuetrality and set about to destroy this woman, but it's an outrageous story we need to make sure is told. In retrospect, if you're going to challenge the media to a fight, you better know your stuff a little better than Palin has appeared to know her's. Otherwise you get blasted by Tina Fay on SNL. (I'm still waiting for the skit making fun of Biden's FDR comment.)

Having said all that, I believe in Sarah Palin. She's gutsy, intelligent, and when she's being herself she is quite articulate. I believe she can win this debate. And if her ticket is to have a chance, she needs to win it. In fact, if Biden starts to dominate her, I would advise her to cry, which would be the next best thing. (Sorry, is that sexist?)

Wait a minute... What's happening?... Guys in black suits!... Ripping me from my computer!... Saying it's false that dogs are Republicans!... Obama truth squad?!... Help!