Disney and the Occult

I was watching Zack and Cody with my girls the other day on Disney Channel, and heard a commercial tell my children to go to the Disney Channel website where they could "cast a spell" on the Disney character of their choice. The promotion is called "Wiz-tober." I went to the website, and there is a place where your child can make an audio recording of casting a spell. You can also listen to recordings of other children casting their spells. Spooky.

I know, I know... Crazy, fundamental Christian. Sees a demon behind every bush. Can't he understand it's just innocent fun? Blah, blah, blah. Christians, wake up! Harry Potter, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc. are gateways to the occult. Many of the children who get into this stuff (including many who grow up in "Christian homes") are being tragically led astray from saving faith in Jesus.

What can the Church do? How about we do a better job of embracing the "mystery of the faith," and exploring the spiritual nature of God? Do you think some of these teenagers that are so enthralled with the spirituality of Harry Potter could get into a study of the nature of the Trinity? Or spiritual warfare? Or even the doctrine of election? You bet they could! But empty, ritualistic religion won't cut it.