Desperate Donkeys

Sarah Palin has energized the Republican base, and electrified the 2008 presidential election. Yesterday a crowd of 60,000 people showed up in Florida to hear her speak. Did you process that?... 60,000 people for a VP candidate! That's unheard of! Whatever happens in November, Palin's nomination is a historic event in American politics that will long be remembered.

Meanwhile, the Donkeys are growing increasingly desperate. First, there were the vicious rumors regarding baby Trig. Then, last week Palin's personal emails were hacked into and published by liberal henchmen. (Thanks to whom we learned just how radical Palin's friends are... they pray for her.) And now, over the weekend SNL runs a despicable skit suggesting incest within the Palin household. How low will the liberals sink to destroy this woman?

It is becoming more and more clear the Democrats are terrified of Sarah Palin. Barack Obama is no longer the rock star of this election (evidenced by his increasing whininess). Heck, even McCain is now just along for the ride. And while NBC and the rest of the liberal elite may not like her, the fair governess from Alaska has won the heart of America.