A Big Red Problem

Before I start, let me apologize for the political nature of my posts recently. For those who don't know, my undergraduate degree is in history and I was a social studies teacher before becoming a "full time" pastor. So I do have some political blood in my veins, and as my wife will tell you, it comes out in election years. The good news is that it dies back down after the election is over. So bear with me for just a couple more months...

Tonight let me say that I am very concerned that we are witnessing the rebirth of the Soviet Union. This article about Russia's designs on Latin America, including the sale of arms to the biggest threat in our hemisphere -- anti-American Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) -- sends chills down my spine. Combine this with the unwarranted occupation of the Republic of Georgia (which will not stop there), and it appears we're on our way to having a big, red problem on our hands.