Back Off Bristol Palin

Everyone knows politics is dirty, but I've never seen anything like the jackals circling Sarah Palin and her family. The liberal elite are beside themselves that McCain would have the audacity to pick someone from outside the beltway as his running mate. How dare he pick someone they don't know? Someone from a (gasp) small town? And how hard can it really be to govern Alaska anyway? And you can't really be considered a legitimate female candidate if you're pro-life, right?

Want to go after Governor Palin? Great. Want to spread malicious gossip about her? Fine. She's a big girl, and I've got a feeling she can take care of herself. But . . . leave the children alone! Minor children of candidates are not fair game in an election. What is being done to Bristol Palin is absolutely despicable. We have sunk to a new low.