A Thought on Evangelism

I used the following quote from Ed Stetzer (left) in my sermon last night, and thought it was worth sharing. Ed has quickly become one of the most influential voices in Southern Baptist life. I (and many others) consider him a breath of fresh air to our denomination. Read and ponder.
"Fundamental to the nature of the gospel is the proclamation of the gospel. We need to be in the world to tell the world about Jesus. We hear much from [certain] brothers about holiness... but I warn you: holiness is separation from sin and not separation from sinners. We need to be known for being passionate evangelists. Let me encourage you as friends here: Don't make heroes of pastors who are great preachers and theologians, but whose churches are not evangelistic. They are talking about the gospel without living it out. What we celebrate we become. And if we celebrate those with strong theology but week witness, that is exactly what we will become. Churches with strong theology but little mission are like a bodybuilder with huge theological arms, but tiny, spindly missional legs. Don't make that exciting. Don't celebrate that."