Construction Begins

The cavalry is coming!

Work site, day one.

Digging the footer.

The above pictures probably don't mean a lot to you unless you're part of the Selmore Baptist family. But for those of us who are, these pictures represent the firstfruits of four years of dreaming, planning, and perseverance. These pics, taken today (Aug 21), capture day one of construction on our new worship center and children's wing.

Some day, at a more appropriate time, I will share with you the many challenges we have faced in this project. But today is a day for celebration, thanksgiving, and . . . reflection. The following excerpt is from a sermon I preached back in 2006 . . .

The year is 1920. A group of approximately two dozen Baptists, sharing the building across the street with another church, decide that it is time to stack their own stones (just as God commanded the Israelites), to build something that would leave a legacy of faith for future generations. That group of two dozen Baptists bought the two acres that you are sitting on today for $20. In a day and age when the average farmer made $800/yr, the church built a place of worship that cost the relatively large sum of $10,000. And with that money, a group of two dozen Baptists (in faith) built a place of worship that could seat 150... the very room that you’re sitting in today.

The county newspaper in 1930 said of this building, “The Selmore Baptist Church [is] located on Highway 65, about 600 yards south of the business section of Selmore... The Selmore church is of brick, facing the west. It has a large roomy auditorium... The growth and influence of the Selmore church has been remarkable. Its people... seem consecrated to the advancement of the Kingdom and today this church stands as one of the leading church institutions in all Missouri.”

By the grace of God, Selmore is still one of the great churches of Missouri. Much has changed in the 100 years of Selmore's existence. Our community has changed from being totally rural to largely suburban. Technology has changed the way we live and communicate. But I am confident that in the power of the Holy Spirit, and with the addition of this awesome ministry tool (this new building), Selmore will continue to thrive in the 21st century.